By: Sloane Hughes

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Someone Photoshopped Trump ‘s Animatronic Figure Into Real Photos And I Cannot Stop Laughing

One weird consequence of becoming president is that whoever is elected will inevitably have their likeness turned into an animatronic figure for Disney World ‘s Hall of Presidents. These figures have always been creepy at best, psychologically scarring at worst, and honestly it seems like kind of a messed up way to honor the leaders of the free world.

If you ‘ll recall, Trump ‘s was no exception.

Screencap from YouTube

It looks more like a sloppy blend of Hillary Clinton and John Voight than Donald Trump, and I know it ‘s been two years since its debut but this is still one of the funniest goddamn things I ‘ve ever seen in my life and I still think about it all the time. I never could ‘ve imagined there would be a way to top it, until I stumbled upon this glorious thread. Pretty quickly after the animatronic Trump was unveiled, a Twitter user who goes by ‘Born Miserable ‘ created a series of pictures that I wholeheartedly believe belongs in the Museum of Modern Art.

He photoshopped robo-Trump into photos that the actual president is in and it ‘s just… so unbelievably good.

The concept is perfect and brilliant enough on its own, but it ‘s the absolutely seamless execution that really puts it over the edge.

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