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You Can Say Really Messed Up Things In French And It Still Sounds Beautiful

So many bad things are happening in the world, so here ‘s a song showing you that everything, no matter how bad, sounds better in French…or does it?


French truly does sound so beautiful. Even when the sentences are gross, upsetting, just kind of fucked up, or true and yet everyone just keeps going about their business AS IF IT ‘S NOT A REALLY BIG FUCKING DEAL WHICH IT COMPLETELY IS FFS.

Here some of the sentences that get the cute French treatment:

  • A lot of your make-up contains squished bugs.
  • Your brain starts to deteriorate at age 27.
  • All cruise ships are built with a functioning morgue.
  • The cost of the Iraq war would have stopped world hunger for 30 years.
  • 22 women have accused the President of rape.

This s ‘cute bitter macaron comes to you from Laura Mulcahy, Natalie Reff, and Vivi Varon.


Directed by Vivi Varon
Written and Performed by Laura Mulcahy and Natalie Reff
Musical Director/Sound Mixing Todd Risenmay

Jehanne Junguenet as French Speaker
Josiah Robinson as Violinist
John Love as Accordionist
Todd Risenmay as Guitarist

Assistant Director Murphy Dillow
Camera Operator Vivi Varon
Assistant Camera Robby Justiss
Editing and Animation by Vivi Varon
Technical Assistance Jehanne Junguenet

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