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Gaze Upon This Rabbit-Toaster Hybrid And Enjoy The Nightmares

Everyone has hobbies, whether it ‘s stamp collecting or gardening or birdwatching, we ‘ve all got our own things that help us stay sane through our 9 to 5 ‘s. Personally I ‘m into pretty standard stuff like drawing and videogames, but some hobbies are a little more, um, out there than others. Practicing magic tricks, for example. Or collecting those freaky dead-eyed porcelain dolls. Or taxidermying animal parts into household items and Frankenstein-esque figurines.


Taxidermy is already an exceedingly weird hobby to get into, but 24-year-old Jack Devaney takes it a step (or a couple hundred steps) further. Using a combination of actual animal parts, doll limbs, household items, and an assortment of whatever the hell else he feels like, he creates some truly, truly nightmarish shit. But don ‘t worry, he takes some of the horror out of his work by adorning most of his pieces with googly eyes. And really, how terrifying can anything with googly eyes be?

Hmmm, still pretty terrifying, actually.

Courtesy of Jack Devaney

So, yeah. That ‘s a toaster. Inside a rabbit. With googly eyes.

Devaney got the inspiration for this particular piece when he saw a toaster at a supermarket and thought to himself, “I bet I could fit that inside a rabbit, ‘ y ‘know, as one does upon seeing a small appliance. He made sure to cut the plug off of the toaster, which is great because fire safety is definitely the most concerning thing about this.

Devaney posts his creations to his own subreddit, most of which look like things that Sid from Toy Story would buy in a heartbeat.

Here is a rat chef wearing half a mouse as an apron, plus his bbq made from a handful of mice (at least 4). The bbq can be opened and closed, the legs are made of tails, and the apron has a pocket too with handmade spatula and tongues in there! from WorldAroundEwe

But if you ‘re like me, you probably want your hellish taxidermy pieces to serve a function, and you ‘re in luck! A lot of his work is crafted with practicality in mind.

Like this lovely pot holder!

Rabbit plant pot holder from WorldAroundEwe

This would make a lovely gift. Thankfully, he also has an Etsy shop, so you can treat all your loved ones to a piece of art that ‘s definitely going to start a few conversations.

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