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Rep. Steve Cohen Used KFC To Call William Barr ‘Chicken ‘ And Hey, He ‘s Not Wrong

You ‘d expect ‘ or at least hope ‘ the governing bodies and highest legal officials of any country would conduct themselves in a professional, mature manner, but this is America under Trump, and at this point I think we ‘ve all learned to not hold our breath. Unfortunately in 2019, things like putting up signs that literally say ‘liar, liar, pants on fire ‘ during legal proceedings and trying to seriously argue against proposals regarding climate change with photos of Aquaman and tauntauns from Star Wars have become the new norm. So when AG William Barr was called out for lying to Congress during his testimony last month, and decided the best course of action was to just not show up to the House Judiciary Committee hearing today, was anyone really surprised?


Disappointed, sure, but not surprised.

And at this point in the raging dumpster fire that is Trump ‘s presidency, it makes sense that the responses from the other side of the aisle have become just as ridiculous.

In the spot where Attorney General William Barr was supposed to be, sat only two things: an empty chair and a plastic chicken.

Courtesy of Congressman Steve Cohen/Facebook

The Honorable Chicken was brought to the hearing by Congressman Steve Cohen, and if that wasn ‘t a blatant enough way of letting everyone know exactly how he feels about Barr ‘s decision to play hooky, he also brought in a giant bucket of KFC and went to town on it.

AFP/Getty Images

This statement could literally not be more loud and clear if Rep. Cohen wore a giant bib with “BUH-CAAAWK WILLIAM BARR IS A BIG CHICKEN ‘ printed across it, and one could argue that this is stooping to their level and makes the whole party look bad, but the argument could also be made that if you don ‘t want to be called a chicken in the most comical way imaginable in front of the entire country, maybe don ‘t act like a giant chicken.

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