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People From Maryland Are Extremely Proud They Are From Maryland

Maryland Pride Be Like by Krewski ‘ Maryland: The First State

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Maryland residents, it turns out, are people who love to talk about why their state ‘ the state of Maryland ‘ ‘ is the best state. And apparently they also have beef with the state of Virginia (see below). In fact, when you Google “why maryland ‘ people clearly have opinions that follow those two words, and those opinions reveal A LOT about what ‘s on the minds of your average Marylander with internet access.

“why maryland is better than virginia ‘ is an objectively funny thing to ask Google.

And now I have to admit something.

I love this kind of fierce pride about literally the dumbest thing.

If you want to be all amped up after snorting lines of Old Bay seasoning, if you want to crack (get it?) crab puns (now do you get it?) until everyone feels trapped (please help me) then you go and do that, young Marylander. Life needs more lighthearted, low-stakes passionate rants. Because that shit is just plain fun. Also jousting.


Yes, jousting. It ‘s the official state sport. Take your footballs, take your baseballs, take all your balls and place them in a line so that my jousting stick can run right through it. You can go watch jousting in Maryland and there ‘s a Maryland Jousting Tournament Association with, like, a schedule.

This piece of state pride comes to you from Krewski.


Created by Krewski

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