By: Sloane Hughes

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James Harden ‘s Eye Injury Is Pretty Bad But The Memes Are So Great

During Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals, Houston Rockets guard James Harden was hit in the face by Warriors forward Draymond Green. He was down for a good couple minutes and it looked like a pretty solid smack.

His left eyelid was lacerated and bleeding, though it was basically impossible to tell how bad the injury was while Harden was covering his face, but once he stood up everyone had a chance to take a look, and oh boy, it was not great.

Courtesy of cjzero


Definitely a jarring sight to zoom in on.

Although being slapped in the eyes has just gotta suck and I wish Harden a speedy recovery, the silver lining here is that picture of him made for THE perfect meme, and people all over Twitter were quick to jump on it. James Harden, if you ‘re reading this (once your eyes are all healed up) the internet appreciates your sacrifice.

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