By: Sloane Hughes

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This Girl Trained Her Parrot To Attack On Command And I Both Fear And Admire Her

Parrots have proven for the second time in a matter of weeks that they are truly the unsung heroes of the pet world and deserve way more recognition than we give them. While this story is vastly different than the one about the drug cartel parrot who yelled “mama, police ‘ as a warning when the cops rolled up, this is a story about a bird who ‘s just as fiercely loyal.

One of the coolest things about parrots is how ridiculously smart they are. They can be taught how to speak full sentences, mimic songs, and even solve puzzles.

Apparently, you can also train them to attack people on command.

The best skill of all.

A girl who seriously can ‘t be over the age of seven has not only trained her winged companion to fight anyone she wants, but literally all she has to do is scream in their direction and the bird LAUNCHES.


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