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Relive The Dumbest Trump-Era Boondoggles With This New Book from MAD Magazine

There are only a few humor institutions that have stood the test of time ‘ The Onion, National Lampoon, Saturday Night Live, and The Daily Show are four that come to mind. But MAD Magazine is the only one to have rebooted in 2017 with a new editor, a new office in Los Angeles, and new efforts spanning web comics, magazines, books, and a slick new website where you can browse all of the latest Mad Magazine creations.

The relaunch has been a good one. Any long-time MAD Magazine fan will instantly recognize the iconic references and images that the new iteration of MAD retains, though with an updated, of-the-times spin. Each time you flip through one of its issues you are struck by the impressively huge variety of voices and styles and the wide-ranging jabs doled out to targets on the left and the right. The whole experience can leave you feeling like you ‘ve speed watched 1000 hours of deep-fried political news commentary while the soundtrack to the Itchy & Scratchy Show loops ad infinitum. And they ‘re bringing this whole vibe over to their books.

MAD has pulled together their best political images for this collection

Their newest release, MAD About the Trump Era, is available now ‘ and, ooh boy, it is a doozy.

America ‘s brainless leader ‘ and everyone else ‘ get skewered in the latest release from MAD Magazine, MAD About the Trump Era
Courtesy MAD Magazine

The first thing you ‘ll notice when holding MAD About the Trump Era is the high-quality, glossy feel of the incredible artwork. Compiled from over 120 pieces of MAD ‘s original writing and illustration from its blog and magazine issues, the eye-popping images deserve special mention because the book is a compilation of MAD Magazine ‘s takes on the Trump Administration, a subject that has so saturated most Americans ‘ lives at this point, with so many images out there in print and on the web, playing over cable and broadcast television 24 hours a day ‘ that it ‘s a herculean effort to show us something ‘ anything ‘ about Trump and all the insane antics of the various people in his orbit that feels original.

But this book manages to do that for over 100 pages.

Divided into five general categories named after five of Trump ‘s gaffes over the past few years ‘ you ‘ve got “Very Fine People On Both Sides, ‘ followed by “The Best People, ‘ then “The Witch Hunt, ‘ and everything closes out with “Covfefe ‘ and “Fake News ‘ ‘ MAD About the Trump Era is an enjoyable yet infuriating highlight reel of so much of the insane shit Donald Drumpf has unleashed on the world (Sean Spicer, remember Sean Spicer??) that you should probably only read it after having a couple of stiff drinks.

Well, since it ‘s lunchtime here, and stiff drinks are always on the lunch menu, we wanted to give you a taste of the kinds of shenanigans you can find in the book and have picked out our favorite political jokes from MAD over the past year.

11 Funniest Political Comics from MAD Magazine

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