By: Sloane Hughes

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Denim Speedos Are A Thing And They Might Be TOO Sexy

The weather is getting warmer, summer is rapidly approaching, and that means it ‘s almost time to bust out your beach season attire. I ‘m willing to bet that your summer wardrobe is probably in need of a little update, which can be daunting since fashion trends are constantly changing.

You know what ‘s always fashionable though? Denim.

So why not make this the year you give denim speedos a try?

That ‘s right.

Denim. Speedos.

Courtesy of Shinesty
Yeahhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyyy

We ‘re all familiar with the iconic Daisy Dukes, but why should the ladies have the monopoly on skimpy jean attire? Fellas, it ‘s time your thighs saw the sun, and there ‘s no better way for them to make their debut than while sporting a JEADO.

This is perfect for anyone, but particularly those who just don ‘t think jorts have enough sex appeal. And just when you thought this couldn ‘t get any better ‘ they come in three ultra stylish colors.

The classic blue Daytona Dong Sarong

Courtesy of Shinesty

The Houston Hog Holster in black

Courtesy of Shinesty

And the Assid Washers, which should be pretty self explanatory

Courtesy of Shinesty

Get ready to turn some heads this summer, gentlemen.

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