By: Sloane Hughes

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John Krasinski Lip Syncing ‘Proud Mary ‘ Is Going To Carry Me Through The Weekend

Well, folks, we did it.

It ‘s almost (pretty much) Friday, another week has passed, and it ‘s time to roll into the weekend. Maybe it ‘s just me, but this week seemed like it lasted about a million years and I am exhausted. I ‘m on my fifth cup of coffee and I was worried that I wouldn ‘t even have the energy to go do anything after work today. No, friends, it was feeling like perhaps this was set to be just another boring weekend in after working for the man every night and day.

Until I saw John Krasinski absolutely kill it while lip syncing to Tina Turner.

This wasn ‘t his first time on Lip Sync Battle and oh lordy lord I hope it ‘s not his last, but this sequin studded homage to the great Tina Turner is certainly one of his best performances, and honestly one of the greatest flexes of his acting chops I ‘ve seen. This is Tony worthy, and I ‘m gonna use this energy to keep on turnin ‘ all weekend long.

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