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Tyrion Tries To Negotiate With Monty Python

Tyrion Lannister has serious brains

Or HAD, maybe? The black sheep of the Lannister family was one of the smartest characters in Game Of Thrones. In a dangerous world brimming with cloak-and-dagger, Machiavellian plots, intrigue, and ruses, Tyrion ‘s gambits ‘ ‘in the previous seasons ‘ used to rise above the rest. But when Daenarys ‘ Hand went head-to-head with his equally-scheming sister Cersei, and addressed her high atop the walls of King ‘s Landing, Missandei just straight up died. Bad. She died real real bad.

So this time, Tyrion wants a mulligan, and we ‘re going to give it to him.

Behold as Tyrion negotiates, wheedles, pleads, chastises, and uses every mental backflip he can muster in what is ultimately a doomed attempt to fight the ever-loving idiocy of a potty-mouthed French soldier in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Credited as “French Taunter ‘ (John Cleese), this soldier seems to have the perfect comeback to every one of Tyrion ‘s verbal jousts, and, ultimately, the overwhelming power of farm animals rules the day.


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