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Add A Dumb Laugh To Your Day With This Yard Sale Ruined By A Huge Dong

Dwayne and Rick are shocked to find that a man at their yard-sale is hanging massive dong.


Garage sales and yard sales are a staple of springtime. People all over the neighborhood do some cleaning, reassess their possessions, and put their useless crap out in the open to be handled, picked over, and (hopefully) sold to someone who can give that useless crap a a more appreciative home.

But garage sales and yard sales are also a hotbed for weirdos, who come out in force. The type of people who are (somehow) out trolling for a well-used, barely functioning string of lights and want to pay $2.50 for it if you throw in that chipped teacup. The type of people who will gladly hand over $12 for an old taxidermied fox dressed like Mary Poppins.

So I am thrilled that Dwayne and Rick, as brought to life by Dave Farese Films, spotted their own version of a garage sale treasure hunter, and quickly identified just what makes him so strange:

It ‘s that huge meat sock hanging out of those shortastic short shorts. But the places this sketch goes from there actually shock and awe and ‘ ‘I never thought I ‘d say this ‘ breathe some new life into well-worn ground.

This magical meatcicle comes to you via Dave Farese Films.


Starring: John Norris, Marlon Webb, Jeremiah Burton, and J. Cyrus.

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