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This Is Why Video Games Aren ‘t The Escapist, Fun Times They Used To Be

A comedy sketch that asks if modern-day video games are becoming TOO realistic…


Video games can create experiences for people that just blow the human mind. Throw giant chain-bound axes that burst into flames. Leap thousands of feet in the air to land without injury on your feet while simultaneously shooting aliens hundreds of yards away. Or doing whatever the heck people are doing in Kingdom Hearts.

But there is a crop of video games that just suck the ever-loving fun out of the whole deal. The types of games that present you with a grind for hours for a little piece of gear or the kinds of games that purport to simulate real life, to the degree that, yeah, Chris Drabble nails it ‘ ‘it just feels like you ‘re doubling your to-do list. I turn to video games to AVOID my to-do list, not make it longer and remind me of how pointless everything is. That ‘s no fun.

Bring back the silliness. Or, if that ‘s not possible, at least let us chase down rings or stars or coins again like nature intended.

This video game appraisal comes to you from Chris Drabble.


Created by Chris Drabble

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