By: Sloane Hughes

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A Man Was Arrested For Pretending To Be From KFC Headquarters So He Could Get Free Food

It doesn ‘t matter who you are or where you ‘re from, everyone loves getting stuff for free. Especially if it happens to be food. There ‘s just something about free food that tastes that much better, and some people will go to great lengths to get it. I have definitely done multiple laps inside Costco to keep cruising by the free sample tables and hope that the employees don ‘t recognize me, and anyone who ‘s worked in the restaurant industry will tell you that some folks will put on a whole drama production with a musical number if it means they get a free dessert out of it.

One man, however, has really raised the bar in his quest to avoid paying for meals.

A 27-year-old from South Africa strode into KFC and told the employees that he was sent from corporate headquarters for quality assurance taste tests, which in itself is already brilliant and ballsy, but it gets better ‘


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