By: Sloane Hughes

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This Jonas Brothers Photoshoot Is The Only Thing I Care About Today

There are some things that should remain in the past, like JNCO jeans and mood rings. Other things felt like they went away too soon, and desperately needed to come back, for everyone ‘s sake ‘ like the Jonas Brothers. The iconic trio from New Jersey skyrocketed to fame in 2007 when they were discovered by Disney, and took over the world of teen entertainment within about a year. Best selling albums, sold out world tours, a limited series, appearances on shows like Hannah Montana and even their own sitcom all by the time they were in their early to mid twenties. They achieved a lot and at an insanely fast pace, but eventually they outgrew Disney, and the brothers disbanded.

It was a dark time for JB fans.


Featured in a thorough article by Paper Magazine, Kevin, Joe, and Nick reflect on their time spent with Disney, but more importantly they talk about their long awaited reunion including new music and A NEW TOUR, HELL YEAH.

It ‘s a great read, but I gotta admit ‘ the best part of this piece is, without a doubt, the photos. Please. Throw on some JB tunes and enjoy.

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