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Dillon Francis ‘ New Music Video Is The Sporting Event Of The Century

This has been a busy year for Dillon Francis.

Since wrapping up his time as Hollywood manager-slash-icon, Skyy Goldwynne, in his miniseries Like and Subscribe back in November, Dillon collaborated with alt-rock group lovelytheband, and together they dropped the single ‘Change Your Mind ‘. This melodic indie-EDM fusion was a total hit during Dillon ‘s performance at Coachella, where he surprised the crowd by bringing lovelytheband on stage to perform the track, and now, after a lot of anticipation, we finally get to see the music video ‘ and it was well worth the wait.

If you ‘ve ever sat in a dive bar on a weekday there ‘s a good chance you ‘ve seen a darts match on one of the TV ‘s. It ‘s literally always on. Does darts even have an off-season? Who knows. Anyway. If you ‘ve glanced at a televised darts tournament one thing that becomes immediately clear is how absolutely batshit people go for it. It ‘s wild! Darts fans whoop and cheer like no others, they paint their faces and dress up, it ‘s a whole spectacle. The players (fun fact: darts players are called either archers or DEREKS) even make entrances with cheerleaders and PYROTECHNICS.

Like I said ‘ IT ‘S WILD.

And this music video captures it PERFECTLY.

Dillon Francis plays eccentric sports commentator and hardcore darts enthusiast Rick Jambles, and together with help from the extremely-weirded-out-by-Jambles retired darts champion Jackie D (played by the hilarious Alison Becker), he takes us on a classic David-versus-Goliath journey. Except, y ‘know, darts.

It ‘s the Pro Darts Tournament of the Flowers. The stakes are high. It all comes down to this.

Dirk Duckland, played by American Vandal ‘s Jimmy Tatro, is the force to be reckoned with in this league ‘ and it ‘s looking like he ‘s the favorite to win. His competition? Rookie and former baseball pitcher Maddie Gilmoore, played by Anna Akana, and although she ‘s the youngest finalist in tournament history, she ‘s not to be underestimated.

This sketch-style music video is as captivating and intense as it is comical, and thankfully there ‘s a “halftime show ‘ performance by lovelytheband to break some of that tension. You ‘ll laugh, you ‘ll cry, you ‘ll gasp, hell, maybe you ‘ll even fall in love ‘ it ‘s darts, anything could happen.


Written & Directed by: Brandon Dermer

Rick Jambles: Dillon Francis
lovelytheband: Mitchy, Sam, & Jordan
Dirk Duckland: Jimmy Tatro
Maddie Gilmoore: Anna Akana
Jackie D: Alison Becker

Produced by Um, The Moon Inc.

Executive Producers: Dillon Francis, Brandon Dermer, Jack Winter
Commissioner: Lillie Wojcik
Producer: Jack Winter
Director of Photography: Wojciech Kielar
Production Designer: Justin McClain
Editor: Andrew Wilsak
Production Manager: Magen Ashley Young
1st Assistant Director: Seth Farley
2nd Assistant Director: Jesse Carmona
Production Assistants: Marvin Mcnesh, Kevin Murphy, Will Nguyen, Matt Pichardo, Josh Gordon, Mackenzie Yeager, Andy Freedman
1st Assistant Camera: Deangelo Harding
2nd Assistant Camera: Marques Mallare
B Camera Operator: Andrew Harris
Location Sound Recorder: Jack Goodman
Key Grip: Aaron Burton
Best Boy Grip: Chris Phelps
Grip: Garrett Dorin
Gaffer: Tony Jou
Best Boy Electric: Braden Barton
Electric: Matt Waltz
Art Director: Brian Mayfield
Art Assistant: Colleen Conroy
Leadman: Derrick La Vigne
Props: Brian Murnane
Stylist: Daniel Selon
Stylist Assistant: Thomas Hauth
Makeup: Linda Marfisi
Makeup Assistant: Brielle Mckenna
Visual Effects: Andrew Baxter
Colorist: Ryan McNeal
Sound Mixer: Jack Goodman

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