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People Are So Mad About ‘Game Of Thrones ‘ There ‘s Literally A Petition For A Remake

The series finale of Game of Thrones is half a week away, and although it ‘s still unclear who will sit on the iron throne, one thing is definitely certain: this season sucks. And that ‘s not just my opinion. The penultimate episode, titled “The Bells ‘ only scored 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is not only terrible considering the show averaged around 95-100% in every previous season, but that ‘s just a terrible score in general. Like, Matt LeBlanc ‘s Friends spinoff, Joey, only survived for two seasons and even THAT scored 60%.


If you ‘re one of the few people out there who ‘s actually been enjoying this season, I ‘m happy for you, but also you ‘re wrong. Even the cast is ridiculously bummed out by how everything is wrapping up in Westeros ‘ and there ‘s plenty of proof.

(Tyrion ‘ blink twice if you need help, man)

In fact, the fans are so goddamn riled about just how badly the writers have butchered this last season of our beloved Thrones that someone legitimately started a petition to HBO calling for a do-over.

D A M N .

It ‘s only been up for a couple days but it ‘s already gained almost ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SIGNATURES, and it really makes you wonder if the execs are going to heed the cries of the people, or if they ‘re gonna go all Mad Queen on us and let season 8 burn. Either way ‘ you can sign it here.

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