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Pete Davidson And Paul Rudd Rapped About How Much They Love ‘Grace And Frankie ‘ And Honestly? Same

It ‘s all over and long behind us now, but for eight years Game of Thrones was the drama and violence-fuelled sun around which we all orbited. The buzz of Thrones dominated social media, water cooler talks at work, heated arguments over the holidays with distant relatives, and sometimes even the news. It was the most watched show in HBO history, but there are still those who never tuned in ‘ like Pete Davidson.

For SNL ‘s season finale back in May of last year, they decided to bid farewell to season 44 by also saying goodbye to the horror that was Game of Thrones. “GoT Tribute ‘ starts with a bang as Pete Davidson tries to lay down some sick bars about his “favoritest show ever ‘, but after rhymes that are super vague, like “silver swords that extendo ‘ and some that are straight up wrong, like “magic, muggles, and I assume some crows ‘ it ‘s clear that not only is this definitely not his favoritest show, he doesn ‘t actually know anything about it.

So Kenan Thompson calls him out… and unintentionally inspires him to rap about a show he truly does care about.


Okay, so this sketch is fucking hilarious, yes, but also you have to admit… this song… legitimately kinda rules. And it ‘s about damn time that Grace and Frankie got the kind of attention (and dope musical tribute) it deserves. Clearly Pete ‘s not the only one who feels this way, because he ‘s joined for this rap number by DJ Khaled and Paul Rudd (who recently proved he can totally nail 80 ‘s tunes as well as rapping, what can ‘t this man do).

Between the three of them I don ‘t even know who has the best verse, but I DO know that I ‘m gonna need a music video for this featuring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin wearing a lot of gold chains ASAP.

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