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Everything That ‘s Wrong With ‘Game of Thrones ‘

If you felt disappointed by the way ‘Game of Thrones ‘ finally ended, please sing along to this updated version of the theme song. After 8 long years on this journey, it ‘s all we have left. Here are the complete lyrics below in the form of a poem.

If you have any answers to these questions, please tell us. PLEASE.

I just wasted 8 years of my life
And they couldn ‘t catch a coffee cup
Or the water bottle by this guy ‘s foot

How the fuck did everyone survive?
Even Sam, Even Podrick, Even Sir Davos he was old

One million white walkers in one fight
Who had the time to braid Dany ‘s hair?

How does Sansa know Bran can ‘t get it up
That is bullshit Game Of Thrones ‘

They stopped trying ‘
They were so rushed

And what the hell happened to that horse?
And to Brienne ‘s whole character arc?
She just got laid and that was all

Where ‘s the dragon?
Where the hell did he go?

I thought the Dothraki had been
Killed in the front lines

Which by the way
What the hell ‘
Was ‘the fire on their swords?

That was pointless, Game of Thrones


Writer, Musician, Director: Tamara Yajia
Producer, Editor: Darren Miller

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