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The Genie And Aladdin Try To Take The Iron Throne

Prince Ali has the strength of 10,000 men

But when he and the Genie just show up at King ‘s Landing, Jon Snow, Arya, Grey Worm ‘ even Missandei and Cersei ‘ ‘aren ‘t that impressed. I guess if you ‘re used to watching flying dragons turn entire effing gd cities into roman candles and bottle rockets watching a mythical Jinn ride ostriches and wield scimitars doesn ‘t quite cut it.
And it makes sense. With so many people vying for Iron Throne, and so many loose ends in Westeros, having YET ANOTHER person cry royalty in order to sit on the biggest, most comfortable chair of them all would make me mad, too.

That ‘s why when Genie ropes in the fellas, Jon Snow has to LITERALLY BEAT BACK his own men who rush in protest, and that ‘s why Arianne Martell screams in horror and agony at the the prospect of even more quiet conversations in big cavernous rooms that lead to her most hated enemies crushing her lover ‘s head like an overripe tomato.

But don ‘t worry. We know that Genie and Aladdin will eventually charm the citizens of Westeros because, honestly, anything would be better than Bran.


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