By: Sloane Hughes

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Trump ‘s Handwritten Note Actually Says ‘Achomlishments ‘ And I ‘m Not Even Surprised Anymore

Earlier this week Trump gave a press conference in the Rose Garden, and since he ‘s been the kamikaze pilot flying this plane for two years now we ‘ve all learned by this point that it ‘s not a matter of whether or not he ‘ll say something dumb, it ‘s a matter of how many and just how dumb the things he says are going to be. And even if the words don ‘t come right from his mouth, the well of nonsensical words he ‘s tweeted out into the universe ‘ like covfefe and hamberder ‘ runs deep.

This time, though, the president changed things up a bit and gave the world a glimpse at his handwritten notes, thanks to some very quick photographers. You ‘d think the contents of Trump ‘s notations would be the main talking points, but everyone was immediately fixated on one glaring bullet point.

“Dems have no achomlishments ‘

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