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Paris Hilton ‘s New Song Before Autotune

Paris Hilton ‘s new music video, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike vs. Paris Hilton – Best Friend ‘s Ass, is out now, and it didn ‘t take long for a pre-autotune version to leak as well. She sounds WAY different.


Friends with the big butt in the club

Turn it up


I ‘m extremely at the club

And I ‘m ready to turn it up

There ‘s a rave

At the club

Klim Klardian West

At the club

Oh! Watch out!

Oh no

Girl getting electrocuted in the club


I ‘m never gonna give you up

Falling in love with you


Is a nice thing in the club


I ‘m never gonna give you up

Thank you Kim for being in my




Paris Hilton Is Actually Very Smart

Here ‘s proof:

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad
Paris Hilton Gets Presidential with Martin Sheen


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