By: Sloane Hughes

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Everybody Shut Up, There ‘s A Real Life Mario Kart Track In Canada

They ‘re criminally underrated and don ‘t get talked about enough so I ‘m gonna say it.

Go-karts are cool as hell.

Racing is fun. Tiny cars are inherently kind of hilarious and also fun. Being able to drive like an insane person is SO fun. So why don ‘t people go go-karting all the time?? It costs the same as a round of mini-golf, the lines move at the same pace as most amusement park rides, so what gives??

I blame Mario Kart.

That game is TOO good. The cars are too cool, the tracks are too crazy, it ‘s ruined actual go-karting for us. Driving around in a giant figure-eight pales in comparison to tearing up a racetrack on a space rainbow. We ‘ve become jaded.

But, friends, there is a solution! And it ‘s in Ontario.




It ‘s not Rainbow Road but that ‘s just a fool ‘s dream and this is dope as hell so allow me to break it down:

? hairpin turns
? 2000 feet of track
? a four-story spiral
? a two-tiered drop into another spiral

It ‘s the largest elevated go-kart track in North America. This is essentially a roller coaster go-kart fusion and WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT.

There are height requirements and restrictions for drivers and passengers, and it doesn ‘t say you can bring banana peels and giant turtle shells to hurl at your opponents while you race, but it also doesn ‘t NOT say it.

Oh, and it ‘s ALREADY OPEN.

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