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Drake Is Selling Steph Curry ‘s Hair Lint On eBay

Hip-hop artist Drake has been making headlines lately but not for anything to do with music. It ‘s not a secret that the Toronto native is a huge basketball fan. Even if you don ‘t like his music, or you don ‘t like basketball, or you don ‘t like either, you ‘ve definitely seen his courtside reactions used as gifs and memes.

He ‘s, erm, passionate.

And with his team, the Toronto Raptors, being in the NBA finals for the first time in history, he ‘s got a lot to be excited about. In fact, his excitement got him into some hot water recently ‘ the NBA had to have words with the Raptors about Drake ‘s courtside behavior… and this isn ‘t the first time. But hey, what fan doesn ‘t get a little crazy during big games? Let the man live.

This time, though, Drake ‘s really outdone himself.

Drake wore an old Toronto jersey bearing Dell Curry ‘s name ‘ which was a pretty clever and subtle shady move, considering Dell ‘s son is Warriors point guard Steph Curry. And during an exchange of words with Steph, something kind of… weird happened.

He… uh… picked lint out of Curry ‘s hair?

People were quick to notice and comment on it, and Drake ‘s response was hilarious.


So if you have a cool $90,000 kicking around, you can be the proud owner of some genuine Steph Curry hair lint!

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