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Keanu Reeves Slow-Motion Gliding Is A Gift From Meme Heaven

The world was quick to write off Keanu Reeves after Bill & Ted ‘s Excellent Adventure ‘ an egregious sin for which we must atone. While we all mocked his acting and used him as a punchline, he was silently taking pay cuts to hire more people when movie budgets weren ‘t enough, giving millions to crew members he thought deserved more (like the special effects team who worked on The Matrix movies), buying his mom a house, running a private foundation for cancer research and children ‘s hospitals, and just being an all-around gem of a human being. HE TAKES PUBLIC TRANSIT. I DON ‘T EVEN TAKE PUBLIC TRANSIT.

We do not deserve Keanu Reeves.

Although we don ‘t deserve him, at least everyone has finally seen the error of their ways and realized not only what a goddamn angel he is, but also that, UHH, HELLO, HIS MOVIES ARE GOOD. The third installment of the John Wick franchise blew Avengers: Endgame out of the water at the box office, and as of late he ‘s one of the most (positively) talked about actors in Hollywood.

Ladies and gentlemen, we ‘re in the Keanu Renaissance.

His most recent role is a cameo in Ali Wong and Randall Park ‘s new Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe, and his entrance is arguably one of the greatest moments in the movie. It ‘s glorious.

As if watching Keanu ‘s hair bounce is slow motion once wasn ‘t beautiful enough, one brilliant, wonderful soul bestowed another gift upon all of us.

I give you, ‘keanu reeves walking to music ‘

Which is exactly what it sounds like. The Twitter account takes this single iconic scene, which originally featured the song SAIL by AWOLNATION, and dubs new music over it ‘ ANY music. Because it doesn ‘t matter if it ‘s The Beach Boys, Hilary Duff, or Notorious B.I.G., IT ALL FITS KEANU REEVES GLIDING THROUGH A ROOM IN SLOW MOTION.

Watch. Enjoy. Watch again. Turn your phone off. Call in to work tomorrow. This is the only thing that matters.

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