By: Sloane Hughes

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People Imagined Protest Signs For Animals And They ‘re Amazing

It ‘s impossible to have conversations about our impact on the environment and the effects of climate change without talking about animals. The oceans are warming, the ice caps are melting, weather patterns are changing and becoming more extreme, and aquatic animals are in a lot of danger. The slightest increase in ocean temperature has massive consequences, like altered migratory patterns and microscopic organisms and fragile species like coral dying out, which then means that other animals have to travel farther to find food or raise their young. But even if they manage to do all that there ‘s still a shit ton of toxic plastic floating around so they ‘re all pretty much fucked anyway.


It ‘s World Oceans Week, and given how important environmental talks are to the millions of animals who live in our oceans, we should give them the floor. But considering that fish can ‘t survive out of water and can ‘t speak words means that literally giving one the floor would probably not be very informative or inspirational. Also the fish would die. Which is what we ‘re trying to avoid.

So to help marine animals communicate what they ‘d (probably) want to say to all of us, the marketing agency Article Group asked people across Twitter to make them some protest signs.

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