By: Sloane Hughes

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Napoleon Dynamite Turns 15 Today, Celebrate With Some Gifs

There ‘s no shortage of coming-of-age films and many of them have reached cult classic-level status, from Breakfast Club to Clueless to Ferris Bueller ‘s Day Off. However, few have captured profound geekiness the way that Napoleon Dynamite did, and no other movie revolves so heavily around llamas and tater tots ‘ which is a real shame, to be honest. Both should be incorporated into movies way more often.

On June 11, 2004, the low-budget indie masterpiece that is Napoleon Dynamite was born, and with it, some of the most quotable moments and best dance scenes in cinematic history. Today we celebrate the film ‘s 15th birthday, and usually on birthdays we would be the ones giving the presents, but Napoleon Dynamite ‘s already made more than a few millions so let ‘s enjoy all the gifts it gave us instead.

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