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These Jeff Goldblum GIFs Will Make You See Flavors

Rejoice to the Gods of cooking. For they have blessed upon us once again: a new episode of Cooking with Jeff.

‘Jeff Goldblum has invited us back over for a fun recipe and this time: we are gonna have ourselves a barbecue.

But before we heat up the grill, let ‘s talk about the fire that Jeff is wearing in this episode.

This orange western snap button up, tropical tee, the deep calming voice – the man ‘s a human sunset. Incredible. I can ‘t tell if it ‘s vintage or couture and the answer is: it doesn ‘t matter. It ‘s GOLDBLUM.

Also, Jeff ‘s garage is fantastic. It ‘s refreshing to see how normal he lives.

We ‘re in Jeff ‘s garage today because: Jeff has a top secret recipe he wants to grill for us today. Oh boy, secret! Just like my mom ‘s deodorant!

‘So it ‘s time to hit Kroger!

Typically when Jeff runs into his friends that work at Ralph ‘s, they act like it ‘s NBD. Cameron does not:

I mean, he wore an “I love Jurassic Park ‘ pin to work. That ‘s just too cute.

After we calm down Cam it ‘s time for business. MEAT business.

Cameron wants to recommend EVERY meat and he doesn ‘t even know what it ‘s for!

Jeff whispers his mad plan to Cameron, a dollop of honeyed wisdom in his ear canal. Cameron recommends filet mignon as the mystery meat in our mystery BBQ. It ‘s like cotton candy in your mouth!

Jeff gives Cameron a quick quiz on the French translation of “cotton candy. ‘ TBH I thought he was just Goldblum ‘ing us here but sure enough, barbe ‘ papa, or “Beard of my Grandfather ‘ sounds like you ‘re clearing your throat but it ‘s also correct.

Jeff does a quick Meat Dance to celebrate.

Next up is some Simple Truth Balsamic Vinaigrette

…a quick cameo from our buddy the CHEESE MASTER —

…and a quick side trip for skewers ‘

Now it ‘s time to produce some produce with our friend Tony!

Tony is always game for Jeff ‘s shenanigans but today he ‘s having a hard time hearing. Or he ‘s just soaking in some up-close concentrated Goldblum.

Tony seems delightfully baffled as to why Jeff wants to keep this dish a secret but he ‘s happy to teach us how to pick out kale. Turns out it ‘s all in the proposal:

And then Jeanette, er, Tony, gets caught up in his special day and gives away the dish! It ‘s shish kebab. But at this point, we figured that out right?

Back at cher chez le Goldblum, we ‘re in the kitchen, ready to spike some meats. But this is no one-person operation.

Jeff has called in the heavy hitters – Regina Hall is here! Regina is in “Shaft, ‘ in theaters now!

Yeah acting is cool and all but did you know Regina Hall is also a JOURNALIST?

She ‘s so cool. Cooler than Shaft. That ‘s right, I said it.

Regina is putting together a kickin ‘ kale & quinoa salad to go with our Pepper and Meat Sword Treat. As we assemble our weapons of lunch destruction, we talk shish kebab strategy. Regina is a corn on the cob type, while it sounds like Jeff drags it off and then picks it apart. Me? I push the food off and eat the bamboo skewer first; that ‘s where the fiber is!

A quick round on the grill, and now…it ‘s time to chill. Hey, DQ got that right! ‘We close on a lemonade toast and a serenade from “Summer of ’42. ‘

This light, easy to assemble meal is perfect for any grill this summer even if your barbecue is lacking in Goldblum. And the kale & quinoa salad adds a perfect balance of fruits, vegetables, and texture to compliment the meats.

Regina, how would you rate this visit to “Cooking with Jeff? ‘

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We couldn ‘t agree more.

Want to learn how to make a shish kebab.

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