By: Sloane Hughes

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This Deepfake Apology For GOT Season 8 Is What We All Deserve

Although it ‘s been almost a full month since it ended, and as much as we ‘re all sick of hearing about it, it ‘s hard to get Game of Thrones out of our collective psyches. Probably because the atrocity that was season 8 is being shoved in our faces once again, since HBO has submitted GoT for a number of Emmys. A few of them are not surprises, like Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke for Outstanding Actor and Actress In A Drama, because let me be clear ‘ the problem with Game of Thrones season 8 was not with the acting, nor the production. Every part of that cast and crew did the best with the absolute shit they were handed. No no, the problem with Thrones season 8 lies solely with the writing.

So then WHY in the HELL has the peak of this gargantuan Turd Mountain, the season finale, been submitted for an Emmy?? And not just any Emmy. THE EMMY FOR OUTSTANDING WRITING IN A DRAMA SERIES.

Ohhhhhhh absolutely not.

If anything, the beloved characters who were either brutally slain literally or figuratively, or figuratively AND literally, as well as the loyal fan base deserve an apology. Thankfully for deepfake technology and some creative minds, that ‘s exactly what we got ‘ and THIS, folks, is a video that truly DOES deserve that Outstanding Writing.

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