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Throw It All The Way Back With This Blockbuster Board Game

While there ‘s definitely a lot to be said for the age of streaming, (who wants to actually have to stand in line to rent individual movies) there is no denying the magic of Blockbuster. Something about that royal blue carpet and those bright yellow walls, rushing to the “new releases ‘ shelves to see if there was still a copy of the latest movie available, looking through old classics through scratched up plastic covers, the giant 25 ‘ candy dispensers at the front… if you grew up in the 80 ‘s and 90 ‘s, trips to Blockbuster to rent movies were probably some of the greatest highlights of your childhood. And, the same way it inevitably happens with any generation, if you grew up in the 80 ‘s or 90 ‘s you ‘re now at an age where nostalgia for simple pleasures like physically walking to a store and renting movies in VHS form is in full swing.

But just because you can ‘t head to a Blockbuster to pick up a movie anymore doesn ‘t mean you have to say goodbye to that sense of joy.

Now you can relive your childhood with a new board game (which in itself is already an archaic form of entertainment) that ‘s based entirely around Blockbuster.

Courtesy of Big Potato Games / Target

This party game is perfect for groups and is advertised as “a movie game for anyone who has ever seen a movie ‘ ‘ so, basically, it ‘s perfect for everyone. The objective is to collect one movie from eight genres: animation, scifi, horror, comedy, drama, classic, family, and action, and you collect movies through various challenges like charades and lightning round shouting matches.

The BEST part of all, though, is the game comes inside an actual VHS box ‘ and the board itself is modelled after a Blockbuster parking lot. It also features a pretty nice vintage price tag at only $19.99.

80 ‘s and 90 ‘s kids, our time is finally here to join the ranks of the “back in my day ‘ folk, and this board game is the perfect way to show all those young whipper-snappers just what they missed out on.

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