By: Sloane Hughes

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The Town Of Hell, Michigan Is Now Called Gay Hell. I ‘m Screaming

The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world and when you ‘ve got that much real estate, figuring out what each place is going to be called can become difficult after a while. Like, realistically, there are only so many possible names for townships out there. So at some point, you ‘re gonna have to get a little creative. That ‘s why cities like Accident, Maryland and Two Egg, Florida exist. Probably the best of all these, ahem, uniquely named places though is the quaint little town of Hell, MI.

Hell, Michigan has three whole stores and a population of 72 ‘ and now has a new owner.

Meet Elijah Daniel. Elijah is a musician, YouTuber, and outspoken advocate for LGBT rights ‘ a community to which he himself belongs. He ‘s also chaotically hilarious, so when Trump decided to ban LGBT flags from being displayed in US embassies, Elijah responded in the most perfect way imaginable.

The 25-year-old decided to purchase the town of Hell.

And rename it GAY HELL.

G A Y H E L L, M I C H I G A N.

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