By: Sloane Hughes

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This Shock Bracelet Will Curb Your Bad Habits Because You Are Weak

We all have our vices, and whether it ‘s junk food or shopping, splurging has become pretty much effortless thanks to services like Postmates and Prime 1-day delivery. People used to have to actually go out in order to treat themselves, but now you can indulge in whatever you want without having to leave home or put on pants. These are dangerous times we live in, folks!! Having self control is way too hard and spending money is way too easy! I ‘ll be the first to admit that I should not be left on Amazon unattended. I ‘ll open up my laptop with the intention of buying a new desk organizer and then black out in a shopping frenzy and suddenly it ‘s an hour later and I ‘ve bought an area rug and a $50 sample pack of essential oils.

It ‘s a problem.

But I know for a fact I ‘m not the only one who struggles with this, because now you can actually buy a bracelet that shocks you when you spend too much money or eat crap food.

Courtesy of Amazon

Well, I guess I ‘m projecting a little bit here ‘ it ‘s called the Pavlok Bracelet and the idea is as soon as you feel compelled to succumb to your vice you straight up zap yourself, so it can be used for a wide array of bad habits, like smoking or telling puns, but I would for sure use it to stop myself from emptying my bank account every time I see a targeted ad for vacuums on Facebook.

Willpower isn ‘t easy, but electrocuting yourself is. Hey, whatever works right?

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