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This Turtle Wore A GoPro And Obviously The Footage Is So Cool

It ‘s the Tuesday after a long weekend, which means we ‘re all probably feeling a little lethargic and now have to cram five days of work into a four day work week. It ‘s also January, so it ‘s not even like we get to skip out of the office at the end of the day into nice sunny weather. But the unfortunate fact of the matter is we ‘ve all gotta keep plugging away for a few more days until the weekend, and we ‘ve got many, many more days of freezing cold and 5pm sunsets left to trudge through. Adulthood… jobs… winter… it ‘s all bullshit, man. Stupid work, stupid needing money to pay bills and buy food, stupid frozen windshields, stupid Janice from Accounting who keeps asking for documents you ‘ve already sent her, stupid per-my-last-email emails. UGH.

Y ‘know what? You should take a little break. You ‘ve earned it. Go on! Stretch your legs! If you ‘re still at work, treat yourself to a nice stroll to the washroom. If you ‘re at home, stop folding laundry or doing dishes and just chill for a minute. And regardless of where you are, if you ‘re dreaming of sunny days when you won ‘t have to wear three layers of socks, here ‘s the next best thing.

This lovely, lovely man went down to a pond and did something that I didn ‘t know I actually needed but I definitely needed.

He strapped a GoPro to a turtle.

And the turtle did a whole bunch of cool turtle stuff. Mostly swimming around, occasionally bumping into other turtles, he eats some things, it ‘s all great. Listen, I don ‘t even really know what else to say about this video. It ‘s a few minutes in the life of a turtle just enjoying the sun and living his best turtle life and it ‘s just goddamn wholesome.

Relax, stop working for a sec, and enjoy this little dude hanging out in his little pond.

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