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Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Melissa Joan Hart


Although she ‘s a famous comedian herself, Tig Notaro has a very special and unique ability: she doesn ‘t recognize celebrities. Whether they ‘re a Grammy Award-winning musician, a world-famous chef, or one of the most iconic actors in television, for Tig… well… it ‘s just not ringing a bell.

Queen of teen comedies, there wasn ‘t a television screen between the 90 ‘s and 00 ‘s without Melissa Joan Hart ‘s face on it. She talked us through all the ups and downs of teenage life in Clarissa Explains It All, and then took us on a much more magical journey through adolescence as Sabrina the Teenage Witch — in both live-action and cartoon form! Sabrina Spellman even made her way into other sitcoms like Boy Meets World and Clueless, which makes sense because duh, she ‘s a witch, she can go wherever she wants. She dazzled on the silver screen as Nicole in Drive Me Crazy, and after putting away her spellbook she starred in the romantic comedy series Melissa & Joey, busted a few moves on Dancing with the Stars, and you can catch her on Netflix in the new sitcom No Good Nick. Between starring in sitcoms, cameos in series ‘ of every genre, and lending her voice in animated shows for both children and adults, everybody knows Melissa Joan Hart. And by everybody, I mean everybody except Tig Notaro.

Melissa Joan Hart is so famous that she ‘s been literally turned into dolls, but, of course, Tig has no clue who she is. Alexa ‘s here to help though, and not just help Tig figure out who Melissa is, but to fill Melissa in on who Tig is, too. Melissa learned a lot about Tig, like her distaste for high-fives, but even with hints (and ribbons) who knows if Tig will be able to figure out this celebrity mystery. After all, she does live under a rock.


Starring: Tig Notaro & Melissa Joan Hart

Director: Amy Landecker
Executive Producer: Tig Notaro
Executive Producer: Stephanie Allynne
Executive Producer: Thomas Ouellette
Executive Producer: Hunter Seidman
Executive Producer: Rowan Wheeler
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Executive Producer: Brian Toombs
Executive Producer: Chris Bruss
Associate Producer: Jessica Dollin

Head Writer: Thomas Ouellette
Writer: Jon Mackey
Consultant: Lauren Pomerantz
Consultant: Kyle Dunnigan
Writers Assistant: Marla Black

Line Producer: Charles Forsgren
Production Coordinator: Jack Bradley
Production Coordinator: Maisie Hooper
1st AD: Jonathan Hinman
Director of Photography: Geoff George
Camera Operators: Scott Smith, Aaron Smith, Drew Dawson
1st AC: Sam Kim
DIT: Jack Damon
Gaffer: Danny Williams
Key Grip: Nick Bodkin
G/E Swing: Danny Williams
Hair & Make-Up for Tig Notaro: Stephanie Daniel
Hair & Make-Up: Vanessa Moreno
Costume Designer: Ambika Sanjana
Production Designer: Ellie Del Campo
Set Decorator: Samantha Corona
Sound Mixer: Alex Dawson
Production Assistants: Max Hamilton and James Tinsely

Post Producer: Phillip Loeb
Post Producer: Kia Reghabi
Editor: Jon Mackey
Assistant Editor: Cariad Owen
Graphics: Aaron Andersen, Paul Smith, Bryan Wieder, and Isaac Sanchez

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