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Angry Protestors Demand Netflix Cancel ‘Good Omens ‘, A Show On Amazon

Petitions have been around for as long as human beings have found stuff to be upset about (probably) and thanks to social media and sites like, it ‘s way easier for advocates of different causes to be heard and it ‘s also way more likely that people will actually sign their petition. Because nobody likes solicitors or being approached in a grocery store parking lot by someone with a clipboard, but we all love feeling like we helped make a difference without getting off our couch or actually doing anything substantial.

Go figure.

The other side to the power of the internet and increased visibility, however, is that if you slip up in any way ‘ spelling mistakes, accidentally setting the petition photo to a picture of you on a fishing trip, any of that stuff ‘ you can be sure that people are going to jump on it like starving piranhas. So before you champion a cause or stir things up, make sure you proofread and double check everything.

Oh ‘ and uh, make sure you ‘re petitioning the correct people.

A group of conservative (like, Victorian level thou-shalt-not-expose-thine-ankle conservative) Christians decided that the problem America is facing that requires their immediate attention is not gun violence, or the fact that migrant kids are literally being kept in cages, or even that the bozo running this whole country thinks that windmills cause cancer. No, no no. The greatest threat to these United States is a British comedy series.

Good Omens is a show about a demon, an angel, and a witch as they try to bungle their way through stopping Armageddon. It stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen, whom, as we all know, are unholy vessels sent from the depths of hell to do Satan ‘s bidding. Via acting in comedies. How diabolical. So in an attempt to quash this affront to God on par with The Golden Compass, these modern day crusaders created a petition and actually managed to get 20,000 signatures.

One small thing though.

The petition demanded that Netflix cancel Good Omens.

Good Omens is on Amazon Prime.


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