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Happy Friday, Seth Meyers And Rihanna Got Day Drunk Together

The key to a good talk show is compelling conversation. If the host doesn ‘t have interesting questions or the guest gives short one word answers, the audience and viewers at home are gonna tune out pretty quick since, y ‘know, it is a talk show after all. So, hosts of late night television have come up with various ways to keep everybody entertained and make the most of the time they have with their guests, and there ‘s one thing that ‘s guaranteed to get everyone nice and talkative: alcohol. They don ‘t call it ‘liquid courage ‘ for nothing, and what ‘s better than having a relaxing conversation over a pint?

How about knocking back a slew of hilariously terrible drinks with pun-based names and getting sloppy in the middle of the day?

Seth Meyers, comedian and host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, brought musician and beauty mogul Rihanna to a (decidedly skeezy-looking) dive bar, and together they did the most appropriate thing one could do at a dive bar. They got very day drunk very quickly.

The segment starts off as anyone trying to get absolutely obliterated in the middle of the day would, with a fat shot of brown liquor and a beer to chase it down. From there, things get a little more tailored to Rihanna as Seth hops behind the bar and crafts her some signature drinks based on her songs.

They are, in a word, awful. I wouldn ‘t wish them upon anybody.

After Seth and Rihanna finish downing these cleverly named but frankly abominable beverages, such as VEUVE IN A HOSTESS PLACE, Seth asks if she ‘ll give him a nickname. Sadly, she says she “doesn ‘t know him like that, ‘ although Seth was quick to point out, “WE DRANK TEQUILA OUT OF CHOCOLATE BUNNIES TOGETHER ‘

Fair point. That ‘s an immediate bond.

By the end of the video they ‘re both half-cut and thus are able to become close in a way that is only achievable when one is day drunk, and Rihanna gives him a makeover. So it ‘s safe to say that she definitely now “knows him like that ‘.

Get ready to laugh your ass off, and please enjoy responsibly.

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