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This Video Encouraging Us To Proudly Announce ‘I ‘m Peach ‘ Does It For Me

A PSA for America. Join the movement!


Hooboy, what a day. So, guess what ‘ as of today there are now at least 21 women who have come forward and publicly accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. This fact, along with

  1. the staggering mountain of evidence of his absolute ineptitude
  2. the public record of his flagrant efforts at collusion and obstruction, and
  3. for the love of all the ever-crunchy Pringles chips in the world his babyish meltdown when his Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney coughed over one of his lines in an interview

really, truly, easily makes it clear that at the very least, regardless of outcome, regardless of political fallout, it ‘s time for all of us, citizens, senators, congressmen and congresswomen, to stand up and shout out, “I ‘m Peach. ‘

This sneaky little PSA comes to you from KK Apple.


Written & produced by KK Apple

Directed by Kady Ruth Ashcraft

Shot & edited by Geoffrey Stevens

Animation by Casey Pugh

Sound design & re-recording mix by Bryan Pugh

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