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Watch Will Forte Do A Seance In This Bonkers Video

Supernatural hi-jinx ensue as Will Forte joins Zabrecky on a visit to the Other Side.


Will Forte is a big fan of W.C. Fields, and he came to Zabrecky to communicate with the 1900s-era comedian to strange, bewildering, uncomfortable, yet ultimately lovely, results.

ICYMI – W. C. Fields liked to juggle, tell jokes, act in front of a camera, and write words down on paper to then sell those words through publications.

He was, in many ways, much like you or me. According to WikiPedia, his comic persona was “a ‘misanthropic ‘and hard-drinking ‘egotist, who remained a sympathetic character despite his snarling contempt for children. ‘

As a new dad, honestly, relatable.

Zabrecky guides Will on a journey through the ether to interact with Mr. Fields, and we ‘re just glad he made it back alive.

This supernatural sceance comes to you from Zabrecky.


Created by Zabrecky

Starring Will Forte

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