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Two Girls Debate A First Kiss And Things Get Real Real Bad

We all remember our first kiss. But it never really goes as well as we wanted it to go. Find out what happens when you toss out, “Here, will ya meet me mate? ‘ to a stranger in a lane.


Comedy. Kind of.

That ‘s the “About ‘ from ThisContent, the comedy group out of Ireland that put this little gem together that, in my opinion, is really the only video that truly gets to the catastrophizing that happens when you ‘re about to kiss someone you ‘re into.

Which makes a whole fat-free fork-ton of common sense, because a first kiss can be the most monumentally important moment of a relationship. A lot goes on, a lot of snap judgments that happen in literal microseconds. Does this person kiss good? Does this person smell well? But really: does this person kiss good? Things like that.

And while a first kiss is arguably more romantic than judging your romantic partner ‘s First Shit, both situations benefit from having a friend get us through it.

Should you tell your friends about your first kiss? Depends.

For Jill, the answer is heck yeah. See, Jill ‘s the nervous one, while Lill is the (probably, clinically) insane one, but I do appreciate Lill. She ‘s the friend we all need in life who pushes us out of our comfort zones. And even though Jill exactly does what Lill warns her NOT to do, Lill ‘s still there to comfort Jill right up until the gruesome end.

Aaaah, kissing.

This romantic milestone comes to you from ThisContent.


Created by ThisContent

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