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Service Staff Are Completely Over People Using Water And Lemons To Make Free Lemonade

Leanna wants extra lemons to make her own lemonade.

From Decent Humans ‘ on-going series, “The Worst Couple. ‘


Working as a waiter teaches you a lot about people. Specifically, it teaches you that people totally suuuuuuuuuck.

Not all people, obviously. But a lot. In fact, there are so many ways that guests in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and coffee shops piss off other guests or the staff that it makes you sit back in awe. Because ‘ wow ‘ ‘ there really are endless creative forces inside the human animal. We can make sonnets and smartphones, sure, but more importantly:

We can be literal trashheaps to each other in such spectacular fashion. Like using free water and lemons to create lemonade.

Should you get lemon with your water?

Are you going to do this to make lemonade? Then, no, you should not.

Do you appreciate a slight citrusy twist in a boring glass of H-two-Oh? Then, yes, you should.

But most of all, if you haven ‘t worked as waiter, then you should do it for a week ‘ ‘it will really make you see the people around you with a fresh perspective. Or it could turn you into seething ball of resentment for years to come.

This dining-out dimwittery comes to you from Decent Humans.


Created by Decent Humans

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