By: Sloane Hughes

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This Ad Is So Extra And Makes Zero Sense, Please Suffer With Me

The more ways that we have to consume media the more ways there are for companies to market their products to consumers. Not too long ago brands had to primarily rely on ad spaces in magazines and newspapers, but that quickly changed once radios and televisions took over, and now that ‘s changed again with the rise of the internet and social media. That ‘s the wonderful thing about good ol ‘ capitalism, folks!

It is inescapable and rules us all.

Through Twitter, brands have spent the last six years or so trying to move away from blatant advertisements and start becoming more and , because nothing sells packaged snack foods to the hip youths of today better than pretending a corporate brand account is a sentient being and tweeting things like “I ‘m so depressed today ugh. ‘

But there are a few exceptions.

Some ad strategies have remained the same throughout the ages though. In other words, some advertisements have historically always been bad and in a way that ‘s kind of comforting. Fragrance commercials, for example, are literally the most over-the-top and unnecessarily dramatic things ever. Why are they always black and white?? Why so much wind?? Is that woman rolling around on a beach in a floor length gown??? Where did all those silk scarves come from?? HOW DOES THIS SELL PERFUME??

We ‘ve all come to expect epic three minute long dramas from certain companies, but this ad is the most extra, and it ‘s for the absolute last corporation you would ever expect.

Like it genuinely makes no goddamn sense.

I won ‘t spoil it (yet) so go ahead and watch first.

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