By: Sloane Hughes

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Throwback To When The Queen Wore A Green Screen

The British Royal Family doesn ‘t have the political authority they once did back when nations were ruled by monarchs, but the world is still obsessed with the Windsors and although they don ‘t have the same power, they still have a buttload of money. And as is the case with any obscenely rich public figure, anything the royals wear is always a hot topic of conversation. Back in 2016 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday, and she ‘s had a pretty standard Fancy Hat and Matching Fancy Coat and Fancy Gloves thing going on for the last few decades, but that particular birthday ensemble was rather special.

It was green. Like, very green.

Getty Images

This is a green that few other things are ‘ Mountain Dew, highlighters, cartoon depictions of radiation, certainly nothing that occurs naturally, and most importantly, green screens.

Yes, the Queen essentially turned herself into a very sophisticated canvas that anyone with a basic knowledge of photo editing could run wild with. ‘

And boy did they ever

Someone even made a YouTube video

And if that wasn ‘t enough, you can check out this site where you can paste the link to any video you want and it ‘ll appear on the Queen ‘s outfit.

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