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This Jeff Goldblum Impression Gives Us The ASMR Video We ‘ve Always Wanted

Jeff Goldblum explores ASMR


The Jeff Goldblum experience can only be described as fully immersive. His wordplay, his dexterous finger weaving, his aura of genius-on-the-brink-of-earth-shattering-insight and silky smooth voice all add up to the elements of a kick-ass ASMR video.

If you want to watch the actual Jeff Goldblum cook up some kebabs with Regina Hall, you can, because Jeff Goldblum Dishes With Regina Hall in the latest episode of Cooking With Jeff.

Cooking videos come close to ASMR for me, enough to learn that autonomous sensory meridian response gives people a sense of “low-grade euphoria. ‘ While I ‘ve never felt low-grade euphoria during ASMR videos that ‘s exactly what I feel when someone cuts me off in traffic and then is immediately pulled over by the police.

Until this video. This video convinced me ASMR is real

Mark Denny brings our long-time friend Jeff Goldblum to such convincing life in this context that I ‘ve set this as the thing I watch first thing in the morning, listen to on repeat during my commute, and set to fade out gently in the evening so that Jeff ‘s buttery baritone and variegated verbal virtuosity gently push me into the warm embrace of unconsciousness.

This low-grade euphoric encounter comes to you from Mark Denny.


Written by Mark Denny & John O ‘Toole

Shot by Trevor Knickerbocker

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