By: Sloane Hughes

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Marianne Williamson ‘s Debate Points Were Not Of This Earth

The first round of democrat debates heading into the 2020 election are over, and whew, that was a lot to take in. There ‘s how many people running for president? 20? 25? That is a shit ton of candidates which means that the debates were an absolute gongshow. Each debate night was two hours long which sounds like a lot, but when you ‘ve got over ten people on stage that doesn ‘t mean a lot of speaking time per person. So when each candidate got a chance to speak, they really had to make the most of it in order to leave a lasting impression on voters.

I don ‘t know if you watched the debate last night, but Marianne Williamson certainly did leave, ahem, a lasting impression. I had never heard of her until now, but the author from Texas managed to be one of the most memorable candidates from last night. Not because of her policies, but because she ‘s the only person running for president (now or probably ever) who straight up said she ‘s going to harness the power of love in order to win.


I guess that ‘s one strategy?

Now I don ‘t know a lot about American politics or politicians, being a newly imported Canadian, so I thought maybe this was just a schtick? Surely she can ‘t actually be this… out there?? But then I looked up the books she ‘s authored, which are titled things like A Return to Love, Illuminated Prayers, and The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles and realized that, yeah, she really is just like this.

And on a stage with fiery (down to earth) politicians (who actually exist in this realm) like Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, she definitely stood out ‘ and everyone is still talking about it.

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