By: Sloane Hughes

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Two People Played Ping Pong On A Train In NYC, Super Chill Day

If you frequently take public transportation you ‘ve probably been a witness to some pretty insane shit. If you don ‘t take public transportation, we get it, you ‘re not poor, whatever. The, ahem, colorful things that take place on busses and trains seem to be without borders and are pretty universal ‘ back in Canada I can recall a woman getting onto a city bus with not one, but two cages containing live chickens, and one time when a man fully dressed like a satyr boarded a train and played the bagpipes. But the city with the public transport system that is best known for all the weird stuff that goes down during otherwise regular commutes is New York. Probably 75% of the time New York is trending or in the news it ‘s because an entire train car burst into song or an amateur circus troupe was tumbling from handrail to handrail.

So in a way, this isn ‘t really even that weird. And you can tell it ‘s not even that weird because there ‘s a lot of people on the train who aren ‘t even batting an eye. But this is still pretty impressive because, well, these people brought a whole-ass pingpong table.

And actually had a pretty successful rally going.

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