By: Sloane Hughes

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A Man With A Saxophone Serenaded Cows, What More Could You Want

It ‘s only Tuesday but it feels like Friday, or at least Thursday, maybe because Independence Day is coming up so this is a short week, or maybe because I ‘m just a lazy sod and I feel like I should just already be off after only putting in two days of work. In case my boss happens to read this: don ‘t worry man this is just a joke* haha I ‘m putting in maximum effort all day everyday** haha just risin ‘ and grindin ‘ dude*** you know how it is!

* extremely serious
** so tired, someone please help me
*** contemplating diving out of the window as I drink my eighth coffee

So if you ‘re in the same boat as me, only on the second day of your work week, sitting at a desk with your eyes glued to a screen, fantasizing about the sweet, sweet release of death, I ‘ve got something that might help pick you up.

A man named Rick Hermann from Oregon recently decided to learn to play the saxophone, and after his dog Piper loudly protested his practice sessions (maybe just isn ‘t a fan of jazz) he decided to test his new musical skills on a different, hopefully more receptive audience. Cows. Hermann stood at the edge of a peaceful, open field under an early sunset sky, just a man and his sax. It was already a magical sight, but as soon as he started playing, the cows gathered to watch.

Dozens and dozens of cows. From every direction.

Guys… it was like watching a Disney Princess summon woodland creatures with the power of song.

Except it ‘s a dad from Oregon summoning cows with the power of “Careless Whisper ‘

Regardless, it was just as enchanting.

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