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The ‘Unwanted Ivanka ‘ Memes Are Almost Worth The Nepotism (Almost)

When you ‘re a kid, sitting in the same classes all day, five days a week can get pretty grueling and dull. Thankfully, grade school always had a few special days throughout the year that everyone looked forward to and gave us a break from the regular schedule of learning times tables and the difference between your and you ‘re. Days like show-and-tell, or even better ‘ days when you got to leave school, like field trips or Bring Your Kid To Work Day! Speaking of which, did you know that Bring Your Kid To Work Day is still a thing when you ‘re an adult? That ‘s why fully grown adults all over the country get to be involved in their parent ‘s important worky-work at their big jobby-wobby, even with no qualifications! So if your mom ‘s a surgeon you can just spend the day with her poking at someone ‘s insides if you want!

Wait, no you can ‘t

Because that would be, uhh, wildly irresponsible

So then why was Ivanka Trump, who is not a world leader, at the G20 summit, an event for world leaders, when she, once again, is not a world leader?


The word of the day is ? N E P O T I S M ?

So yes. Ivanka attended an event she is grossly unqualified to attend, because her dad ‘s the President of the United States (to be fair though her dad is just as unqualified but unfortunately he ‘s got the title necessary to be at the G20) and the silver lining is that a clip of Ivanka trying to interject in a conversation with world leaders like Trudeau, Macron, and May, in which she is visibly unwanted and the only thing she manages to communicate to the world is how she has no business being there.

It ‘s like watching an overly confident kid on a playground try to jump into double-dutch without ever jumping rope before and just biff it so hard.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez summed it up best.

And the beautiful rainbow that appeared as a result of the thinly silver-lined clouds in this unethical shitstorm were, of course, the memes. The hashtag #UnwantedIvanka quickly began trending on Twitter, accompanied by photoshopped images of Ivanka Trump in an array of other significant situations that she has no business being in. Enjoy.

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