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When Requesting Time Off During A Holiday Becomes A Bloodsport

When it comes to getting a holiday off at a restaurant, flipping a coin isn ‘t gonna cut it.

Shift Drinks Episode 1: “Fried Chicken ‘


Getting time off around holidays ‘ doesn ‘t matter what time of year ‘ can be brutal because of the rush as everyone competes to take the most time. It makes sense. With any kind of extended time-off looming, people want to eek out a few extra days. They want to get out there, live it up, maybe even go really crazy and print out a few dope memes and frame them and then hang them around their house and then take pictures of themselves in front of them while eating hot dogs. LOOK. WE GET IT.

And managers KNOW THIS. That ‘s why they ‘ve devised clever ways to make requesting time off less desirable. Maybe they try to incentivize people taking on more time. Or in this case, they put their staff through a gauntlet of insane shit.

This service industry slapstick comes to you from Shift Drinks Comedy.


Madison Hatfield
Alexa Rachelle
Erika Chase
Freddy Boyd
Robert McLeroy
Dominick Racano
Jason Kim
Kristofer Conklin
Bret Brammer,

Writer: Jason Kim
Director/ Editor: Ken McLaughlin
Director of Photography: Blake Studwell
Audio Technician: Ravikash Saini
Grip: Jake Corriveau
Props: Lee Ogilvie

Producers: Dominick Racano, Lee Ogilvie, Jason Kim, Ken MacLaughlin

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