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Netflix ‘s ‘Chef ‘s Table ‘ Now Has The Perfect Parody And Clearly It Involves Pickles

In this parody of Netflix ‘s Chef ‘s Table, Celebrity Chef Zac La Cremme walks us through a new dish for his restaurant, Milk & Basil.


As anyone will tell you, but especially Celebrity Chef Zac La Cremme, “you can ‘t pickle something without pickles. ‘ Just like you can ‘t jelly something without jelly, or fry a thing without fries.

And it ‘s insights like these that have me rethinking everything thought I ‘ve ever before thinked when it comes to cooking. Because cooking is just so HARD. The planning of meals. The listing of ingredients. The driving of car to get to the entering of grocery store and the purchasing of foodstuffs.

But cooking as a hide-and-seek? Cooking as jump scare? THAT SOUNDS LIKE PARBOILED PERFECTION.

Your invited guests can enjoy the alarming sense of chaotic mayhem as you encourage them to search out the cheese-cloth wrapped beef tenderloins tucked away in their cars ‘ glove box or the live shrimp in your couch cushions. Freshly sated attendees can lean back in their chairs, bellies full, as you serve them ice cream that ‘s just actual dirt.

This, my friends, THIS elevates cooking from the humdrum tables of commonfolk to the vaulted halls of the titans. Plus, it probably stinks real bad and stinky things are funny.

This pickle-filled parody comes to you from Joey Hamburger.


Created by Joey Hamburger

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