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The Absolute Weirdest USA Laws That Are Somehow Still A Thing

If you ‘re new to reading the articles from Funny Or Die, first of all, hi, hello, welcome, please make yourself comfortable. Secondly, let me preface this by telling you that I ‘m from Canada and I ‘ve only lived in the USA for roughly eight months now. If you ‘re a regular reader of Funny Or Die, then you probably already know that by now since being Canadian is basically my entire personality. So in an effort to learn more about the country I now live in, I ‘ve been doing some research. There ‘s a lot of different states that make up the USA, like, at least 50, and a lot of information to take in about them. ‘And of course it ‘s great to know each state ‘s history and culture and maybe some cool fun facts, but as a new resident here I wanted to make sure I educated myself on the dos and don ‘ts in each corner of the country.

Which is how I learned that, uhh,

You guys have some pretty weird laws.

Some of the more out-there state laws make sense, in that they were clearly established a helluva long time ago and aren ‘t too weird when you think about it in the context of that time. Others make literally no sense and I have no idea how these ever became laws in the first place, how the hell are these real.


It ‘s illegal to make glue out of dead skunks but WHO WOULD WANT TO?


If you ‘re a medieval warlord I ‘ve got bad news for you ‘ catapulting at buildings is illegal. Not so sure about people though so there may be hope for you yet.


It ‘s illegal to feed garbage to pigs. Unless you have a permit, then it ‘s fine.


Swearing is illegal if it ‘s done on or close to a street, so if you need to drop an f-bomb make sure it ‘s in an empty field or something.


Frog jumping contests are fine, and you can have as many frogs partake in said jumping contests as you want, but you MAY NOT EAT THEM IF THEY DIE, SIR.


Cannibalism is against the law, which I know really throws a wrench into everyone ‘s bbq plans.


Mispronouncing the name of the state is illegal, so no AR-KANSAS jokes there.


If you wanna know someone ‘s shoe size, it ‘s illegal to use an x-ray machine. So try, I dunno, asking them instead?


All pickles must bounce. That ‘s it. That ‘s the law.


Killing Bigfoot is a crime, and I wonder if he ‘d stop hiding if he knew that.

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